Friday, August 12, 2011


Yesterday we went for a walk.

It was an out-of-this-world kind of day.  The sky was beautiful. Pure, white clouds leading the way as we moseyed along the bike path. And when I say 'moseyed' it's because there was absolutely no rushing to it.  We took our time. I like it when we take our time. 

I'm not sure the biker who almost took us out appreciated the moseying as we took up the entire width of the path. 

That's okay, we apologized. I told him I was a biker too and I felt really bad that he had to get out of his pedals before he tangoed with a jogging stroller. He laughed and said he was a dad and completely understood.

Our little adventure was a surprise for the boys. They have been working hard on their charts and I told them we would do something special.  I wasn't sure exactly where we would end up as I loaded them in the car and buckled seat belts. All I knew was that I wanted to be outside. It was a heavenly kind of day and I wanted to be out in it. A day I'm sure we Midwesterners appreciate so much more than say someone from California where mid 70's is the backdrop to most of their days.

This beautiful day had me pining for Fall.

 Fall is my favorite. If Fall were a cereal it would have to be Cocoa Puffs, or Lucky Charms, or maybe Apple Jacks or Life.  It's too hard to pick just one, I have so many favorites. Like, I'm a little obsessed with it. I'm not even kidding.  I almost always have a bowl every night before bed. Friends have given me boxes for Christmas and my birthday. When we were first married Joe would apologize with a box of Count Chocula. I even have a special bowl one of my bff's gave me before she moved to Florida a few years ago. I'm getting better though. I've swapped out my super sugary 'kids' cereal for a more healthy Honey Nut Cheerios habit.

I'm drawn to all things Fall like my six year old self was drawn to Spaghettio's and grape Kool-Aid. Okay, and my first trimester pregnant self, too.

 Isaac, October 2007

It bewitches me with it's beautiful colors, hayrides, pumpkins, the smells, football, spiced cider, chunky sweaters and bonfires. I could go on. I'm not gonna rush it though, the anticipation is half the fun.

Gabriel, October 2007

Yes, Fall is good. 


Our last hoorah for the day was a stop at McDonald's for ice cream. I would have a  picture but I was too busy scarfing down a hot fudge sundae. No picture needed.

It was a great day spent with my three favorite little people. 

Happy Friday out there. I'm off to enjoy a hearty bowl of Life... not the cereal this time.


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