Friday, August 26, 2011

Drawing to a close

Summer of 2011 is quickly drawing to a close and over here at BIDWTF we like to document the end of summer happenings.

Like Kings Island.

We rolled out early, eating at a little breakfast diner before making the twenty minute drive.  We told them we had a surprise planned. They guessed Kings Island but we never said exactly what we were doing until we pulled into the parking lot.

I love the look they get when we really surprise them with something great.

Where we started off on the helicopter ride, the same place we started the last two years.

It never gets old watching the biggest and the littlest deepen that special bond of theirs.

She trusts him. It's something to behold, that sweet big brotherly protection and the adoration in her eyes.

I was witness to a father's love. It's a tender thing. They reach for a hand and it's already outstretched before the two intertwine. The world is as it should be when Daddy's around. No monster too great, no fear too small.

There were bumper cars (which Isaac calls "bumpy cars"... love that), airplanes and carousel rides.

We watched the Peanuts perform, rode the train and "drove" cars with the help of a big brother.

Gabe was super brave and rode the roller coasters. Isaac rode it and then asked if it was really a kids coaster. He went white as a ghost after we went screeching down the first hill. Gabe couldn't get enough. He thought it was better than ice cream and ice cream is hard to beat! I love that last picture of him, intently listening to the instructions.

And this little one. Well, she took the best care of her "baby". A pink and polka dot bunny she got for Christmas last year. She made sure that baby was well loved. She was a trooper, not wanting to miss a minute of the fun. And the boys did great including her in everything.


Last Friday night we headed out to Yellow Springs for one of our favorite places. 

Young's Dairy.

Where we ate yummy food and chased it down with sweet tea.

We went down the big slide and checked out the batting cages.

We played putt putt and fed the goats.


The last week of summer break we enjoyed  lunch on the front porch.

We are tired.

But it was worth it, it always

It's been a good summer.



  1. Hi There. I saw your comment on another post. I am from Ohio as well.....Granville. We have a
    Blogger group. Most of us are alot older than you. We get together occasionally.
    You have such cute kids......I signed up to be a follower. Come visit me at Cozy

  2. Sweet post!
    Remember how cold it was when we took the kids putt-putt? How was that sooo long ago?! Seriously, we have to get together!
    Glad all is well!