Friday, August 29, 2014

hilton head island

a few weeks ago we packed up the 'ole minivan and headed south. the trip down was sort of comical with all the stops along the way. i'm quite certain the kids will really reconsider the next time we ask if they want to go for a road trip. for the record, road trips are still my favorite. forever and always. and sunsets. and cereal.

about an hour in we decided we were hungry so we stopped for bob evans. every good road trip includes a bob evans stop…and cracker barrel…and starbucks. don't worry, we made sure to include all of those.

one of my favorite people i haven't seen in way too long lives in charlotte so we met up with her. i promised joe we'd only be stopped for fifteen minutes, tops.

two hours later we were back on the road.

good thing for me he knows me all too well and had already figured it would be about that long. he's a good one.

we pulled out of charlotte at eleven pm with about a five hour drive left! we crazy. but i knew i'd regret not stopping. anyway, we made it to our beach house around 4:30 in the morning. our dear friends who we shared the house and vacation with left a light on for us. probably laughing all the way to their nice cozy beds as we drove and drove and drove.

the next morning there was no sleeping in for the kiddos. the beach could not wait for us to catch up on our sleep! way too much fun was waiting in the wings.

the kids played in the waves and built sandcastles. day one was pretty much a blur for mommy and daddy. i kept looking at joe and saying things like, 'can you believe we were just in the car a few hours ago?!' day one also included a jellyfish sting for joe. boo.

day two was more beach. more waves, more watching the kids on the boogie boards, playing in the tide. content to just be there. no worrying about what time it was or what needed to be done. just play. it was great. day two also included a jellyfish sting for Gabe. double boo.

day three we drove to savannah. it was so much fun. i wish i had more time to walk the streets and make my way into all the shoppes. we ate at paula deen's restaurant. yum, yum, yum! we all opted for the buffet. it seemed to be the biggest bang for our paula deen buck.

after lunch we decided to walk along the river. we took the ferry and had fun just moseying around. it was stinkin' hot and the kids were not super excited about walking, walking, walking. so what do you suppose civilized human beings do with their children under such circumstances? you take them to the fanciest savannah hotel you can find and let them ride the elevator up and down, up and down. i was kind of waiting to be kicked out, but nope those savannah peeps take their hospitality seriously.

hotel shenanigans…

i just sat there in the lobby reading a magazine and pretending they weren't waving excitedly at me.

then it was back to the house for dinner and impromptu beach pictures.

i love this next series of pictures…

seriously, do you see selah's mouth in that last one?! love.

and this one? it melts me.

a few more for good measure…

behold, my favorite

they are my favorite.

more to come...


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Elizabethtown, Kentucky

I'm sitting here in our van, Selah's asleep behind me and the boys are off looking for the field Isaac's team is about to play on. Elizabethtown Kentucky. My firstborn's first baseball tournament. Seems a little intimidating being on a select team for the first time. Two hour practices several nights each week, staying in hotels and bonding with the team. Where did my little boy go? The little guy once attached to my hip just rolled his eyes at me when I asked him where his jacket is.

He's growing up. And it's just too dang quick for my liking. Any mother's I suppose.

Driving here to Kentucky, to where my grandparents grew up, had me thinking about what life was like when they were little. Probably no two hour practices a few nights a week at nine years old. I imagine the passing of life was a little slower. Playing in the dirt and running in bare feet was how you spent a lot of your day. Singing in the kitchen with your mama as you washed dishes was your entertainment of choice and getting to church on Sunday was what you looked forward to all week. Is it just me who wants to go back to that place in time?

There's so much I love about this time we live in. Modern medicine, technology that allows me to instantly talk with a faraway friend or family member. Heck, taking pictures with my phone!

I tend to look back and think of all the good forgetting there was plenty of bad. Mostly I'm thankful the Lord saw fit to place me where I am.

Just a few thoughts... I would love to hear yours!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

To My Kids

I just love you guys so much. It's been a great Christmas break so far and it looks like we might even have a snow day Monday, too with all the snow planned for tonight and tomorrow. I hear all these parents complain about how they can't wait to send their kids back to school, how this break has been too long. That's just not me. I mean, I know the days can be long and there's arguing and breaking up little fights here and there but I still prefer that then you being away all day. I love having you all here with me. It's my favorite. You all, you are my favorite.  I loved looking through our Christmas pictures and seeing those excited faces, those tired but too-excited-to-stay-in-bed-any-longer faces.  The cute way you shared the excitement with each other, so thrilled to give one another the gifts you picked out. Daddy read Luke 2 and you all opened a baby Jesus before unwrapping the rest. I know we are on the cusp of a new phase of life. One where you start asking for gifts other than babies, stuffed animals and the latest G rated movie. Isaac is dangerously close. But I'm holding onto that little bit of boy as I watch the little man eager to make his appearance.  Merry Christmas, I adore you.


Monday, December 9, 2013


My girl got the WOW at school.

She turned four. We celebrated at the pumpkin patch once again. (She chose Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner)

We went for a hike in the woods.

A beautiful sunrise. God's glory, His faithfulness, emmanuel, always with us.

Selah twirls.

My boy who's almost nine.  Always mine, I love him so.

Gabe learns to read. So proud of my little man.

My little brother had a baby. She's perfect….little Sophia.

Thanksgiving at our house this year.

The tree is up. We love singing and reading there most nights before bed.

Merry Christmas!