Friday, May 24, 2013

Anniversary Trip

 Back in October Joe surprised me with a trip to L.A. for our tenth wedding anniversary.  I knew we were going to go away but I had no idea just how far we were going! I thought we'd drive to Chicago...that seemed sensible for our first trip away from the kids. Just a five hour drive from home.

This picture was taken on our Hawaiian honeymoon. It's worn from the years Joe kept it in his wallet.

We woke up at 5 a.m., quickly dressed, kissed sleeping babies and made our way to Starbucks, where all good vacations begin if you ask me.

Airport breakfast of champions...

In the car on the way to retrieve my salted caramel mocha he sprang it on me. I think it went something like, "We have to hurry here, we have a flight to catch to L.A.!" I was shocked. Not only did it seem really, really, really far from where my babies would be in Ohio, but hello, I'm afraid to fly!

Bye-Bye, Ohio...Hello, gripping Joe's arm as we takeoff!

I don't look scared in this picture because we were getting ready to land...I could see the ground! Yay!

Next thing ya know I'm eating lunch at the Ivy.

Just look at that picture! I had water with fizz! So fancy.

After lunch we walked around Santa Monica which is where our hotel was. There was this cute little outdoor shopping area. Live music and street dancing as we made our way in and out of various shoppes. The only place I really remember being in is Anthropologie. It was so much fun to actually try things on without the fear of a little person opening your dressing room door or exclaim things like, "Mommy, you have polka dots on your underwear!" at the top of their lungs. Not that that's ever happened or anything...

A client of my husband's sent chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to our room! So sweet!

Getting ready to head out to our anniversary dinner.

Look at that! Straight hair, necklace and a dress! I'm even wearing lipstick...or tinted chapstick...same thing, right?

We had reservations at Geoffrey's in Malibu. A quick drive up the coast from where our hotel was.

I forget what I ordered other than it being salmon with capers It was deeeeelicious!!  I'm sure we ordered dessert but I guess we ate it before we took a picture...sounds like us.

It was beautiful. I loved eating al fresco with the water in the distance.

I know this picture is dark but I don't want to leave it out, I want to remember as much as I can :)

We drove back to the hotel and watched television cuddled up side by side on our comfy bed.  It was a great way to celebrate ten years of being together.

I'll be back soon to talk about day two!