Monday, April 30, 2012

Flower Patch Farmgirl

Saturday I got to meet up with Shannan from Flower Patch Farmgirl! I have to tell ya, it was pretty cool. If I had to sum her up in just one sentence, it would be that she's the Real Deal. 

 I'm naturally shy so I was definitely nervous. Then I was running late, and then there was a huge thunderstorm the entire drive there. The kind where the wipers are on full blast and people are pulled under the overpass to wait it out. Then I got lost.... It was quickly turning into not how I pictured this whole thing going down.

I eventually found her, seated in a cushy yellow booth at La Fiesta. We planned on wearing matching blue gingham because, let's face it, it's cute. And two girls wearing gingham is twice as cute. That and our matching cuffs from Becky at Farmgirl Paints and we were stylin'. Okay, her waaay more than me but that's okay. We all know she's got that 'eye' for fashion. I kept wondering what might happen if we clicked our bracelets together, like some sort of updated (and way less creepy) version of blood sisters where we are then committed to friendship for life. Seriously, who wouldn't want her to be a friend for life??

We sat there and talked about all kinds of stuff. Anything from parenting to how we grew up. The conversation was easy. I got the feeling she genuinely cared about what I had to say. I don't know if it's just my upbringing or what but I don't always feel like I have a lot to add to any certain situation. True, I can change a diaper in record speed or bandage a scraped knee with ease but I tend to step back in conversation, never wanting to say too much or give people the impression I know it all. Except when it comes to my babies, that is. I could describe in perfect detail the color of their eyes or each freckle placement on their petite frames. But to someone I've never actually met before?  Well, I wasn't sure what I could offer to someone I didn't really know.  But as I sat there across from my gingham clad twin, all of that worry just sort of dissipated and I felt like I was there with a good friend. She's so open and honest, she doesn't pretend to have it all figured out. I so appreciate that. I crave deep conversation and I love the way two girls who adore the Lord can get knee deep in discussions simply because there's already a level of trust established.

We left La Fiesta with full bellies and...three tubs of salsa. You gotta love a girl that asks for three tubs of salsa to take home. We exchanged the famous stool in the parking lot and headed south towards Tipp City. She wanted to take me to one of her favorite little antique shoppes. The whole time I kept thinking how cool it was to watch Flower Patch Farmgirl work her magic. I loved seeing the things she was drawn to, the things that caught her eye. I can't wait to see what she does with the stuff she picked up. Love her style!

I felt totally humbled that she would spend a Saturday with me!  I'm sure there are a hundred things she could've been doing, but she chose me. She chose to take the time to connect with someone she didn't really know at all. I think that says so much about her.

P.S. I have one measly picture of our day and it was taken with my phone. I'm not really sure how to get the pictures from my phone to the computer so until then just picture some rockin' blue gingham and leather cuff power!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Just For Fun

I was reading Meg Duerksen's blog. Have you seen it? I like her a lot. I stole this whole thing from her. It's okay though because I think she stole it from someone else...

Right now I am:

Watching: Grey's Anatomy. I can't believe Jackson and April. Or Dr. Webber and Jackson's mom...

Drinking: Still sipping my Starbucks grande Caramel Macchiato with skim milk. One pump vanilla instead of three. They love me there, I'm sure. Joe just rolls his eyes when I order. I'm a girl, I'm supposed to be complicated, right?

Wearing: Black stretchy pants with white sweatshirt. Both from Target. Red Nike hat.

Eating: Just finished my grilled chicken with mixed veggies. I'm so boring. Is anyone still reading?? Oh, and I had a chocolate covered marshmallow egg leftover from Easter.

Listening: Sweet Selah crying in her crib. She thinks that twenty minute nap in the car was enough rest. It wasn't. Hoping she falls asleep...

Avoiding: Sit-ups. Didn't get them in at the gym this morning.... They will happen soon though. I won't allow myself to shower until they are done. It's nearly bikini season you know.

Wishing: Someone would come do my laundry. Or mop the kitchen. Or that my husband would buy me that Roomba robot vacuum thing. Or a new camera.

Feeling: TIRED. Getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 most mornings is exhausting. So is carpooling/feeding/potty training/cleaning up after three kiddos. EXHAUSTING!

Missing: Days when I ran pain free...but still very, very grateful my legs can do it at all. It's amazing what a woman's body goes through don't ya think?

Thankful: So much. Mostly that God chases us down with His love. Over and over again.

Craving: The cookie dough in the fridge. We bought four tubs from Isaac's school. I'm pretending it's not there...

Wondering: How tomorrow will go. I'm meeting Shannan know, Flower Patch Farmgirl?! Like, for reals, live and in person! I'm holding her bar stool hostage. I told her I won't hand it over unless she takes me out for Mexican. Thankfully she agreed. It all goes down in less than twenty four hours.

Praying: My kids know the Lord. Like really, really know Him. I want their relationship with Him to be their's and their's alone. Not something they do to make mommy and daddy happy, but something they crave. Something they can't get enough of.

Needing: A shower. And sleep.

What about you? What are you up to?

Happy Weekending!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few Thoughts and Things I Don't Want To Forget

I walked into Gabe's preschool this morning, one arm carrying the Birthday Bag they give each student the day of their birthday. I was returning it two days late. Slung over the other arm was another bag that held Cleo, the class 'pet'. She was also a few days late. At that precise moment I remembered I was in charge of bringing in Clorox wipes. Two weeks ago. So, I apologized for the late 'pet', the late Birthday Bag return...and I promised I would have the wipes at pick up today. Mrs. Heather just looked at me and said something like, "Don't worry about it, we've got it covered until you get them."  I love her. She's a mom of four, I'm guessing she's been there before. I get the feeling she knows I'm doing my best. I wanted to hug her.

Today on the radio I heard a story about a woman who was a prostitute. She happened to be listening to KLOVE and decided to call the radio station so she could talk to one of the pastors they have on staff. She gave her heart to the Lord during that phone call. They told her God had forgiven her and that He remembers her sin no more. She mentioned the thing that got her through most days was remembering  the scent of her infant son's hair, a son she hasn't seen in several years. They told her God loves her like that. He adores her just like she adores that child. He knows each hair on her head. It 's just amazing how He loves us. I love that the creator of my soul spoke to me during a radio station pledge drive. It makes me want to tell this hurting world that there's so much more to life than the here and now. It will get so much better. 

Things I Don't Want To Forget:

*The way Gabe runs to get his toy garbage truck the instant he hears the real one pulling onto our street. He loves watching that massive machine lift loads and dump the waste into the back.

*Selah crying out for me in the dark of the night, requesting we rock in her chair. It's not thirty seconds later and she's pointing with that chubby little index finger wanting back into her crib. I love the way she just likes knowing I'm a shout out away. And I love drinking her in even if it is only for a swift thirty seconds. Someday I will want those moments back. I just know it.

*The way Gabe and Selah have found their groove. They can play happily together. I love the feeling I get watching them pretend to play in her little kitchen or the way they can erect quite the town out of wooden train tracks, cars and blocks or the way they fly through the house with matchbox airplanes and rockets pretending to be pilots. Precious.

*Isaac crawling into bed with us at two a.m. because he had a bad dream. I love that even as he grows, even as he wants to stretch himself in new directions, branching out just a little from mommy and daddy, well, I love that he still needs us. I love that we offer that comfort to him.

*Joe and I staying up late, talking side by side in bed about how fun it is watching our oldest play baseball. How we think he's really good and how we aren't just saying that because he's ours...

There's more. More thoughts, more things I can't wait to write about, like my big boy turning five, me turning thirty four, Isaac and Gabe's first baseball game and how I want people to see Jesus in me. I want it written all over my face the way Selah's looks after she's been caught getting into the Easter basket. Completely covered, not a speck untouched. I wonder what I'd look like if I cared more about what He thought, loving myself the way He loves me, seeing myself through His eyes. I wonder if I'd recognize any part of me....

Gotta go...Selah just pulled leftover cake frosting out of the fridge. I'm sure she thinks it's a perfectly acceptable snack. Heck, some days I think it is.

Oh, and I have to buy those Clorox wipes...