Saturday, April 5, 2014

Elizabethtown, Kentucky

I'm sitting here in our van, Selah's asleep behind me and the boys are off looking for the field Isaac's team is about to play on. Elizabethtown Kentucky. My firstborn's first baseball tournament. Seems a little intimidating being on a select team for the first time. Two hour practices several nights each week, staying in hotels and bonding with the team. Where did my little boy go? The little guy once attached to my hip just rolled his eyes at me when I asked him where his jacket is.

He's growing up. And it's just too dang quick for my liking. Any mother's I suppose.

Driving here to Kentucky, to where my grandparents grew up, had me thinking about what life was like when they were little. Probably no two hour practices a few nights a week at nine years old. I imagine the passing of life was a little slower. Playing in the dirt and running in bare feet was how you spent a lot of your day. Singing in the kitchen with your mama as you washed dishes was your entertainment of choice and getting to church on Sunday was what you looked forward to all week. Is it just me who wants to go back to that place in time?

There's so much I love about this time we live in. Modern medicine, technology that allows me to instantly talk with a faraway friend or family member. Heck, taking pictures with my phone!

I tend to look back and think of all the good forgetting there was plenty of bad. Mostly I'm thankful the Lord saw fit to place me where I am.

Just a few thoughts... I would love to hear yours!