Friday, July 1, 2011

The Swap

There was a time when Joe and I would wake up on a Saturday morning say around 10 ish, go for a long, sweaty run, shower and head out for breakfast around 1. That usually meant Bob Evans. We'd crank up Billy Joel, speeding along and singing what lyrics we knew to We Didn't Start the Fire.  Lost in our own little world. We had no time commitments, no big responsibilities. Deciding what we should do with our day over coffee and eggs. That almost always meant heading to the mall to drop half our paycheck on clothes at the GAP. Maybe share an Auntie Anne's pretzel in the food court. Good times.
I was thinking about this over a conversation with a friend. We were enjoying the shade on her front porch while the kids played. Selah mastering her small motor skills on a plastic buckle from a doll stroller. Gabe and Isaac playing their version of croquet with friends.

I started thinking how much more I would enjoy a day like that now, fifteen years and three kids later. What would it be like to listen to 'our' music without fearing what little ears in the backseat might hear, go to the mall and spend money on clothes that didn't include an adjustable waist or cartoon characters. Eat dinner and ...dare I say finish a conversation.  I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't have to dodge flying food or if I was able to eat the entire meal while it was hot.

Sometimes I feel really torn. I would love to have more time like that with my husband. But no way am I willing to take the time away from my kids. It's too fleeting. Plus, I know it won't be like this forever. 

As fun as it was to be together like that, it just kind of fades in comparison to life now. Nothing could have prepared me for the love I have for my kids. It's like nothing I've ever felt. I remember not being able to get home fast enough the first time I left Isaac with daddy. Driving as fast as I could to get to him...because I could not get to him fast enough. There is nothing like being a mama.

Today we lunched on banana crunch pancakes, yogurt, fruit and a delish turkey wrap at our favorite restaurant. I love watching my kids really enjoy their food. The way Isaac gives me the thumbs up after the first bite of yummy goodness. Seeing Gabe attempt to jelly his toast because he's too impatient to wait for me. Selah squirming in her highchair while I cut up her fruit. I just love it.

After filling our bellies we headed to the bookstore. So fun. Reading to them while they played with the trains reminded me of being six again and reading to my stuffed animals...only the stuffed animals sat still...

It was a good day. Different then what it used to be but good just the same. It's okay if we swap Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory for a more kid friendly atmosphere. And who would've thought that trading Saturday morning runs for soccer at the Y would actually be fun?! I'm glad we had those five years before the kids. A great foundation. I look forward to doing it all again when the kids are older. But for now I am reveling in the time I have with my three littles.



  1. It's so true. It's hard to find that balance sometimes. To remember "you" before you were "mom".

    We had a great time that day! I definitely do not want it to be that long before we get together again! God has truly blessed me with your friendship!

    I hope you have a great 4th!

  2. oh life before was grand. but you are right i wouldn't trade a second of my life now for what it was before. it does go SO fast. great post:)

  3. I think this gets all of us Mamas straight in the heart! I feel ya. All the way around. :)