Friday, February 8, 2013

Donuts and Fish

It was Martin Luther King Day so naturally we took the kids out for donuts. They go hand in hand, right?  It was my first time at Bill's donuts...I think I'm the only person in Dayton that can say that. My chocolate eclair was delicious! Of course the kids chose sprinkles and daddy had a peanut butter bear claw.  So, so good.  Bill's hasn't seen the last of us!

 Chocolate makes me all cuddly.

 After donuts we went to the pet store to buy some fish. That's all Isaac wanted for his birthday. I should say this was our third trip to the store. His first two birthday fish lasted two and three days. He was heartbroken. Tears and everything. Daddy decided to go ahead and get a bigger tank. So far so good. The two little guys we brought home this day have lasted three and a half weeks. Looks like Rocky and Goldie might just stick around for awhile!


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