Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catch Up

Today was an early day. Every weekday is but Tuesdays and Thursdays are especially early. 4:45 to be exact. I like getting to the gym early, I've learned it's the only way I can get it done. I'm tired...and we are out of coffee! 

I came home to a just waking up household. Daddy getting ready for the day, Isaac sleepily buttoning up his shirt, Selah asking for "mama" from her crib and Gabe sleeping through it all :) Love that kid, seriously, he's so much like me. I remember my mom pouring water in my ear to wake me up for school!

The kids are fed, the boys doing their thing at school, Selah's playing with her babies and having a snack. I have a load of laundry to be folded, a load in the washer waiting for it's go round in the dryer and breakfast dishes to be cleaned. I should be mopping (and when I say "mopping" I mean Swiffering) and vacuuming up the cereal that keeps crunching underfoot in the living room. I have a few errands to run and I really, really want a shower.

Yes, I should be doing those things.

But here I sit, typing away. Last night I was looking through our pictures and realized we've been doing fun stuff. Stuff I need to write down before I forget. Because I will forget. My memory is terrible. I blame it on lack of sleep for the past seven or so years...

Here's what I don't want to forget:

Picnic dinner at the park. We loaded up our blanket, chili, cornbread and root beer and ate under the branches of an old tree.

Making pumpkin bread with my boy. We had fun, just the two of us.  He did a great job with the pouring and stirring.  I hope he remembers things like that the way I remember special time with my mom. Like being six, cruising along together in her navy '86 Camaro and dancing to the radio station, Z93. We barely noticed the people glancing our way, we were living in the moment. I hope Gabe looks back fondly on our time together, living in the moment.

Last year our friend's husband passed away from colon cancer. He was thirty three. His wife and 8 year old son put on the Wiseman Wild Run, a one mile kids run followed by a 5k. This was the boys first race. I think it's pretty awesome that their first race had such special meaning. The boys did GREAT! Isaac ran ahead of Gabe and I and finished in nine minutes and thirty seconds! Gabe about three minutes later. I was beaming as I ran beside Gabe, holding his hand. I knew there were times he wanted to stop but he kept going. I wish I knew every single person along the one mile route who stood on their porch or out by their mailbox and cheered for my boy. I would like to send them a thank you note, I'm sure they have no idea how they touched my heart that day or how  they made a four year old feel like a rock star. I had unchecked tears rolling down my cheeks as I glanced down at that sweet face and told him they are cheering for you! I was definitely a proud mama.

Okay, bear with me. These next two pictures are sideways and I have no idea how to fix it.  Isaac's running towards the finish line and I just couldn't not post these.  It's that proud mama thing again...

Just tilt your head a little, take a quick look and move on, no one needs a neck cramp.

And lastly, another trip to the park. Where boys threw rocks into the water and little sister watched.

 Where we gazed upon a caterpillar who sought shelter from curious kids.

Where we felt the warm sun and longed for nothing more than being together. I love days like that.

And now I'm off to start my long list of To Do's....or maybe shower.  

Happy Friday Eve!


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  1. I love picturing people cheering for a little kid running - good for him for finishing!!!