Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Almost Two Year Old And A Giveaway!

Selah will be two on Tuesday.   And while I have all sorts of emotions swimming through me right now, I'm mostly really excited about my big girl. She was unexpected. We always knew we wanted at least one more after we had Gabe but we certainly weren't trying to get pregnant. And then we found out it was a girl.  Wow, talk about an emotional day.

I had missed Isaac's preschool graduation. By five minutes. I missed him walking across the stage to receive his diploma. I taught my exercise class that morning and wanted a shower before going to our ultrasound later that day (who could blame me, right?!) Thankfully, Joe was there and got a picture. But still, I was a mess of tears walking into that building and the rest of the day!

We never found out the sex of our babies. I like the surprise at the end of those nine months. I'm not much of a planner so it works for me. I didn't want to know the third time around, either. As the ultrasound tech skimmed over my belly with warm goo and a wand, Joe, Isaac and Gabe stood by and watched. Gabe became restless and a little too curious about plugged in things. I asked Joe to take him out to the waiting room so he could let some of that little boy energy out.

I will never forget this next part.  Isaac and I in the room, ultrasound tech doing her thing checking for healthy growth and such. And without even looking away from the screen she tells me she's pretty sure it's a girl. What?! I asked Isaac to go get daddy. He came in and I told him. I was reading his mind...I knew he was not happy we knew.  We really love the delivery room surprise.

I cried all the way home. Not because we were having a girl... I was waaay excited about that part. But because I was a mama of on earth would I figure out this whole girl thing. I'm so not girly. I was used to playing with hot wheels and trains and building forts. All of a sudden it seemed I needed to learn how to cook, wear pink and figure out what to do with that mess of brown on top of my head.

But ya know what?

She's awesome. I pushed out that not so little 8 pound 6 ounce baby girl and I haven't been the same since. I want to wear make-up, I want to wear pink, I want to play dress up,  and I want to have more variety in my shoe rack than running shoes and cross trainers, and I most certainly cannot wait to have mama, daughter days at the salon sitting side by side getting our nails done. Yes, my heart is racing right now just thinking about it.

But it went fast. I will hold her close these next few days and drink in her last bit of being one. I will tell her she's changed me for the good and how I couldn't have imagined how great an addition she's been to our family. I will tell her all about the day she was born, read her her birth story...ugh, just remembered I never finished I will do some ad libbing..   That's okay, I know how this story ends.


In celebration of Selah's big day we have a giveaway!

My amazing, incredibly talented sister makes these adorable owl hats. This is Selah's from last year. We all love it. I've had several people come up to me and ask where I got it. We exchange numbers and Emily starts working her magic and before you know it, a sweet hat is in the mail waiting to keep a precious little's head warm.

And now you can be the lucky owner!  Just leave a comment on this post and I will announce the winner next week :)



  1. Beautiful sotry and some really cute pictures.
    I saw a hat like this at the pumkin patch today. I'd love to have one for one of my little grandchildren. You daughter looks adorable in the hat.
    Birthday Sweet Little Two Year Old.

  2. Fancy pants! A new blog and a giveaway! Wowzers! Happy birthday Selah!!!

  3. So sweet! I can't believe our girlies will be 2!! Where does time go? LOVE the hat!

  4. I feel the same way about girls! I am not girly and never much cared for all the drama and frill... When I was pregnant with my second everyone assumed I was hoping for a girl, and I would have been happy with either, but a boy was a relief :) Glad to know to know that an appreciation of all things girly can magically appear with a girl of your own!