Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm not sure which memories will be their favorites. Which ones will take center stage in the performance of Life.  The big, the little, the great, the not so great, they all have a place. They all have a purpose...

Somewhere on that stage there will be the long drive to Florida for a hot and sticky June vacation. Isaac still talks  about the hills of Kentucky, the mountains of Tennessee, the long stretch of Georgia. Also on that stage will be lazy summer days at the pool, licking ice cream stained fingers, catching fireflies by the light of the moon with a sweet neighbor girl, blonde wisps streaking her face and smiles all around.

I hope visiting Mamaw and Papa's house with the white, weathered siding and black shutters is there too.  That same house has taken up so much room in my very own heart. Where cousins abound and playing 'til dark is the name of the game.

Garage dancing in the afternoon. Never mind the long list of to do's...

Preschool graduation!
Drees up for school. Who doesn't love the man with the yellow hat? 

And best of all, real smiles. Here's to remembering the things that make us laugh 'til our belly hurts....or until we fall to the ground in a fit of laughter!

I hope they remember that.


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  1. Yeah! you figured out how to do more than one picture at time!! Great post!