Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up....otherwise known as my SECOND post.

There are a lot of things I could mention since last we 'talked'. It's been over  a month for crying out loud, who wouldn't have a lot to say. We've moved, celebrated two birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day and a trip to Florida. The first time ever I was apart from the kids overnight.

The thing I don't want to forget is this little guy's fourth birthday. This is Gabe. He's the cream in the Oreo, the lettuce in the BLT. He's in the middle. He gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. And it breaks my heart. He's wild, fun loving. But more than that he is determined. He started speech therapy a few months back and I am so proud. He studies Phyllis as she makes different shapes and sounds with her lips and then repeats it back. It's given him a new confidence that makes me tear up as I watch him express himself in a way that's new. He doesn't know what he's capable of until someone shows him. I can relate.

I can't believe it's been four years since I first laid eyes on you. My favorite part of being in the hospital was lying in bed after all the visitors left and it was just you and me. I remember your sweet newborn eyes looking into mine, the way you were swaddled so tight. Nursing you by the dim overhead light...and thinking that this, this moment right here is what I've waited my whole life for. You are a great kid and we are blessed every day just by knowing you.  Love God, just love Him with all you've got. You're SO going places, kid.

Do you ever pray for your kids? If so what do you pray for? I find I have a ton of anxiety over watching them grow so fast. When I pray it's a way to release all those fears and worries about the future. It makes me more aware of this day. It makes me want to be better, dig deeper, try harder and always, always point them to Christ.

Oh, and Gabe, you loved your birthday surprise! We took a trip to EnterTrainment Junction. So, so much fun. You loved watching the model trains weave in and out of the little villages. You were excited to pick out a new Thomas plate and cup from the gift shoppe. You couldn't contain your sweet smile as we took you out for pizza afterwards. We ended with Andrea, Nich, Zach, Carrie and Emily singing Happy Birthday and enjoying ice cream cake. But the very best part of all was how you could not stop saying thank you. It was absolutely precious the way you kept saying it. We want you to know that you are someone to be celebrated.  Yes, YOU.

P.S. I am really, really new to this whole blogging thing. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I'm not sure I will ever figure out how to write a post AND upload pictures in a quick and efficient manner. But I'm gonna try. Please be patient with me!


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  1. Finally a second post!!!! (like I can talk) For whatever reason, my comment on your first post didn't save, so hopefully this one will!!

    Of course I pray for my children! It is a scary world out there. If there is something specific that they are going through I pray for that. But generally I ask for guidance as a mother, and protection (against illness, accidents evil people) over them. I pray for them to come to know Christ in His time and that they can trust and lean on Him no matter what.

    I am so glad Gabe is doing so well in speech! Way to go Gabe!

    Seriously, let's get together in the next couple of days!