Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Is...

Happy is...

A certain seven year old losing his first tooth....

Roughly a month left of school,. No more rushing in the morning, no more packing lunches at ten o'clock at night. We are looking forward to more of this...

It's the soft voice of my two year old saying 'das so tweet (sweet) and cocking her head to the side whenever she sees something cute.

It's the same little girly watching me get ready. She tells me my dress is so pretty and quickly empties her drawers to find something just as pretty  to wear. She likes to match her mama, whether it's matching boots,  a dress or spraying my perfume, she wants to be like me. It's humbling. It's food for thought, a reminder to keep my priorities in check.

It's growing closer to new friends. Being able to cheer them on and allowing them to do the same.

It's anticipating Spring Sing at preschool. We will watch as Gabe steps on stage with his fellow classmates and sings songs they've been practicing for months. Can't wait :)

It's a family walk under a bright blue sky, boys on bikes leading the way, talking with Joe about anything that comes to mind. Watching little feet dangle out of the stroller as the bump bump of the sidewalk coaxes an active baby girl to relax.

These are the things that made my day. It's also knowing I get to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.

Sorry about the old's agony being without one! Hopefully soon...


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  1. They are all so cute, including the Mama. Fun times. I was always excited for the kids to be out for the summer and then excited for school to restart. It would take a couple weeks of missing them and then I was just fine.