Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Things

This week I saw my dad. I don't see him very much, sad as that is. When I do though, it's great. Always. I can't explain it, really. The way my soul calms the very instant I look in his eyes. The way my body relaxes as he hugs me, his mustache whiskers brushing my cheek. The scent of  his familiar cologne that in a nanosecond has me feeling like I'm six all over again. I'm with my dad and I feel myself relax, my guard comes down, I can breathe in the slowness of pace and just be me. The best gift of all, I think, is when we can truly be ourselves and our parents allow us to do that more easily than any other. So many times I ask myself where I would be without this amazing man in my life. Where I would've ended up. He is incredible. If you know my dad, you are blessed. He is one of a kind, of this I'm certain.  He's the one who witnessed my first breaths of life, those tender first cries. The one who walked the floor with me as an infant, the one who I feel praying me through the hard days along with the good and every season in between. The one who watched my first steps, who celebrates the joys, holds me in the hard times and every season in between, whether physically or on his knees in prayer.  My dad, I couldn't love him anymore if I tried. Yes, I saw my daddy and it was good.

Other happenings this week included a lot of ordinary. As I sat with Isaac watching a basketball game (hello, more dad memories!), he exuberantly exclaimed "Sweet!" as a strong player dunked a shot.  I thought to myself,  "when did he get so big?!" I wasn't even aware he knew that term for anything other than a tasty treat :) He wakes by alarm clock and is responsible for making his bed, getting dressed, brushing his hair and teeth and doing his breathing treatment which includes several steps, all on his own before I walk in the door from the gym. He's getting big. It breaks my heart and makes me proud all at the same time. It makes me think that the first person to come up with the idea of a time machine was most certainly a mama trying not to allow childhood to escape her kiddos too quickly.

We've been outdoors a lot, tossing footballs, swinging bats. I have boys and that's just what boys do. It's so much fun watching them get stronger. Thinking back over the years when they would get so frustrated trying to get the ball and bat to connect, well, that doesn't happen as often anymore. They get bigger, they get better, they grow. Constantly. 

Speaking of growing, Gabe's fifth birthday is less than a month away. Five, wow. That's all I've got for now, wow!  Seems like it was just yesterday he was a little guy rolling around on his play mat in the living room...

It was a good week. Spring seems to be here for good. The grass is green, the trees and flowers are blooming, neighbors are mowing. A foretaste of summer. I can't wait. Late bedtimes, dirty feet, the scent of sunscreen on my babies. What are you looking forward to?



  1. What a sweet and wonderful post. I wish I knew your dad. Your kids sound so sweet. Glad they have a good mother.
    I am looking forward to not working this summer. (I teach school)

  2. This is so sweet Angie! I know just what you mean about the cologne. Everytime I smell my grandpa, I can close my eyes and imagine sitting in church with my grandparents, and grandma handing me a half stick of gum. Funny, the little things that stick with you. I know we are looking forward to staying up late, grilling out, and some baby pool time :)

  3. Beautiful have a gift of writing. This weather has been beautiful minus a coupe really bad storms.