Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's a ton I could write about. It's been so long since I blogged about our life in its current state...let's hope the words come easily.  

Let's talk about right now for a minute.

Like how much I love little feet blackened by pavement on late summer evenings.  Even if it happens after bath time.

Or how I feel a little bit on fire for wanting to get a group of ladies together to serve meals at Target Dayton, a homeless shelter nearby. I can't wait. We will start meeting once a month to serve people in uncertain circumstances. I am so looking forward to this. I'm looking forward to getting to know these women better, growing in Christ together.  I also love how there's no such thing as being "a little bit on fire." It's all or nothing.

I'm looking forward to seeing how God is going to change me through all of this. I'm looking forward to taking my kids when they are old enough to go along. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That's just downright incredible....and what an honor!

Other things I'm in love with right now....

I splurged on a pedicure recently. It might sound silly but looking down and seeing those pink toes just makes me smile.

Catching my kids playing nicely together. All on their own...even when it means making a mess.

I'm loving the way dress up has made a major comeback 'round these parts. One minute I'm being rescued by a drove of little firefighters, the next I'm dodging go carts driven by a pretend race car driver.

And then there's the pool. This is the first year it's been fairly easy taking all three of them by myself. We've been hanging out there for hours on end. My heart just about explodes watching my boys toss
the ball back and forth, meeting new friends. It's pretty great chatting poolside with other mamas.

And my girl at the pool? She's just the cutest little lady there in her blue and white polka dot swimsuit. She brings her babies and watches them fiercely. She cradles them in her arms and whispers sweet assurances in their ear.  Just like a real mama.

And my heart just can't take it. How did I get to live this life? When I was a girl my own mom worked full time, usually leaving her too tired to enjoy the pool in the evenings. So many women are in that same position nowadays. How did I luck out?

Maybe it's not luck at all.  It's all I've ever wanted. I need to remember that when my mind starts traveling in different directions and I feel like I need more.

I don't need more, I've got all I'll ever need.

I'm headed to Florida early Friday morning to visit one of my dearest friends. We will begin the drive back to Ohio together on Sunday.  I've got a list of deep questions I'm excited to go through with her. I love good conversations like that. It's gonna be great.

Until then I've got three kiddos to love on.  Right now they're waiting to snuggle up on the couch and watch the Berenstain Bears. That's just too hard to pass up. And it's definitely on my Things I'm Loving List.


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