Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch Up

I'm sitting here listening to Sarah McLachlan's Christmas CD as I type. The kids are watching a little TV and  Daddy is at the office. Seemed like an appropriate time to get a quick blog post in. Waaaay too much has happened since May 30, the last time I came here, but there is so much I don't want to forget. Let's get to it.

My baby girl turned three. She had a wonderful pumpkin party at the pumpkin patch, same as last year. I purposely made it much simpler this year. The food was easy; peanut butter and jelly, bananas, grapes, and pumpkin donuts along with a cupcake cake in the shape of a pumpkin. I didn't freak out over what Selah would wear, her little pinstriped overalls were perfect even if they weren't new. I usually get so anxious hoping things go perfectly. I decided to let go of perfect and instead pay attention to her smile. Listening to exactly how she wanted to decorate her pumpkin allowing her chubby fingers to lead the way. I slowed down and watched her big three year old self race across the grassy field in a pillow case sack race. The night before, long after she'd fallen asleep, I scooped her up and rocked her and drank in every last bit of her two-ness. And last night she slept all night in big girl undies. She's just gettin' way too big.


The boys and I have a new little routine. On Saturday nights, after Daddy has tucked them into bed and after I've put little sister down, Isaac, Gabe and I snuggle together in one of their beds and tell stories. A "Gurb" story. He's a little boy we've made up who has all kinds of adventures. We lay there and talk after the story is over and I get to hear all the things they want to share under the security of a dark room and the comfort of a mama's hand rubbing their back. It's my new favorite thing.


So, my amazing husband decided to surprise me with a trip for our ten year anniversary. His sister drove in from New York to stay with our kids. This was the first time we've ever left them overnight! I woke up October 19th in chilly Ohio and fell asleep that night in warm Santa Monica, California. Crazy! I really thought we were driving to Chicago. Like really, really thought we were going to Chicago. It was a great trip, we spent one day in Santa Monica, one day in Beverly Hills and another day in Malibu. So much fun. I didn't see any celebrities so I pretended to be one ;) I think we need to make this an annual thing!


Ok, enough catch up for now. I have a three year old who just had an accident. That's okay, it just means she's not as big as she thinks. I'm cool with that.


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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. Our little Mabel is three and so much fun.
    You have been gone too long....I have missed you.