Monday, December 19, 2011

Because I Don't Want to Forget

Gabe's Christmas Concert:
The way he stood so proud in the back row singing to his little heart's content. Precious, it was. He kept telling me he was going to do a good job. I sensed his excitement leading up to the big day, it's all he could talk about! Me, well I could hardly contain myself as I watched him take the stage with all his little friends. The way he swayed back and forth with his classmates and sang the cutest Christmas songs ever. He did great. He knew every word, every clap, every hop. Quite different from his big brother who kind of stood there and watched everyone else!

Sharing my testimony:
I joined a bible study with a friend a few weeks ago. Last week our leader asked if anyone would like to share their testimony this week. I wrote mine out the night before and it was read as sweet women sat quietly and listened the next morning. I was so touched by the reaction of the group. Tears were shed, some of them my own. A kind young woman came up to me afterwards with tears in her eyes and said she was going through a similar situation. She almost didn't come that day but was so glad she did. Isn't it cool when God does stuff like that? I love it.

Selah's newest thing:
She's hilarious. She now calls me "Mama Mia", Joe is "Daddio", Gabe is "Gabey" or "Gabey Knopp" and Isaac is "Isaac Knoppy". I'm not sure where she came up with it but it's pretty funny. Makes us all laugh as she's running through the house calling for us. She's also nuts over her ABC's. Sings 'em all the time, if she's not singing them then she's asking me to. Cutest thing. Right now she's huddled between two big brothers, happy as can be :)

My almost seven year old:
January first marks Isaac's seventh birthday. Where in the world has the time gone?? How can it be possible that it's been seven years since I held him for the first time. The first time I held my very own baby to my chest and drank in that sweet newborn scent. Life changes when you become a mama. And it never gets old, thinking back on those first moments with my boy. Doesn't seem possible that it's been seven years since his little body was tucked away in mine.

Christmas movies on the couch:
I love this. We watch one every night before bed. Side by side on the couch, squished under blankets. Me rubbing a sweet boy's back or holding a hand. Them entranced by a Christmas scene played out on the TV. I'm already looking forward to tonight's movie.

Christmas break:
Today marks the first official day of Christmas break for us. On the agenda: Baking and cookie delivery. Hobby Lobby, and more Christmas movies on the couch. Other ideas include pumpkin pancakes, ornament making and other crafts, Clifton Mill, seeing family that's visiting from Florida :) and hunting down neighborhoods for the best Christmas lights. Can't wait!

Things I'd rather forget:
Breaking my camera (that explains the old photos in this post). It was like slow motion as I watched it tumble from the top shelf of the cupboard. I tried to catch it but no. I cried a little bit on the inside. Joe got it for me for Christmas last year which means I had it almost a year. Bummer.

Merry Christmas out there!


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  1. Your family is so beautiful! I hope that you had a completely perfect Christmas break! : ) Wishing you a beautiful new year. I loved your story about the testimony. Isn't that cool how God works?